Your own unlimited pack of Telegram-stickers
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This is a Telegram-bot that collects all the stickers sent to it in one (almost) infinite pack. No more, no less.


  • Does not require creation of a set with a unique URL and/or name;
  • Indeed (almost) unlimited pack size;
  • Keeps stickers belonging to their original sets;
  • Fully support the standard functionality of Telegram stickers (for example "add to favorites");
  • Avaliable anywhere in Telegram by typing @MyPackBot in the input field;
  • Supports filtering of results by emoji's: @MyPackBot ;
  • Fast as f***king Sonic;
  • Worked with uploadable WebP stickers;
  • Worked with blocked by rightholders sets (but this is not exact);


  • Requires type @MyPackBot in the input field;
  • Availability depends on the internet connection and bot uptime;
  • Supports search/filtering only for first emoji associated with sticker;
  • Does not support synchronization of the updated original set contents with the saved set contents in the bot.


Because Telegram native tools for managing stickers are somewhat limited:

  • User can have only up to 200 active stickers sets;
  • In one set can be uploaded up to 120 stickers;
  • User can have only up to 5 favorites stickers;

Having done simple mathematical calculations, we can assume that the maximum user capacity (when he has the maximum number of sets, each of which contains the maximum number of stickers) is equal 24,000 stickers.

But, as usual, there are problems:

  • Most of the sets are incomplete and contain less than 120 stickers (sometimes - only 1-3 stickers on whole set);
  • Some sets contains junk, duplicated and promotional stickers;
  • Sometimes user want use own stickers by uploading WebP files, but without creating new sticker set;
  • Anyway, user just want have as many stickers as he want;

To solve these problems, this bot was designed.



  • Telegram API supports stickers as results in inline query;
  • Telegram API allows to use someone else's FileID for results;
  • It is not necessary to create a new set using Telegram, since it only "references" existing files;
  • Bot saves only user info, sticker and name of his set in the database if user upload custom sticker or send/forward already existing;
  • Database architecture allows to filter keys by user ID and sort them by set name and emoji value;
  • When requesting inline query, bot simply create results from filtered database keys;
  • ???????
  • PROFIT!!1


I'm too lazy to write, so just check the source code for the comments.


Bot uses the following dependencies:

  • Written on Go language, because I <3 Go;
  • I ventured to migrate to my own telegram package to win in convenience and productivity;
  • I use dlog for debugging without spamming on production server by use only one build flag;
  • Data of users and stickers save thanks to BuntDB;



You can request fix/add some things, make a patch or help with translation and localization on your language.

Ah, and star this repo, of course.


I work on my own projects in my free time. Please think about the financial support for my independence so that I can devote more time to this bot and other projects. In exchange for an award!


Subscribe, follow my resources and feel free to maintain contact with me: