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# GoLang bindings for the Telegram Bot API
> This package is in active development and going to freeze the first version of it's API. Stay tuned!
# GoLang bindings for [Telegram Bot API](https://core.telegram.org/bots/api)
All-in-one package with a huge range of additional helpers for designing your bot for Telegram. [Login widget](login) support included.
## Install
`go get -u gitlab.com/toby3d/telegram`
## Start using telegram
`$ go get -u gitlab.com/toby3d/telegram`
Import it in your code:
## Use
`import "gitlab.com/toby3d/telegram"`
## Related projects
* [**MyPackBot**](https://gitlab.com/toby3d/mypackbot): bot for collecting and reusing any Telegram-media;
## Need help?
- [Open new issue](https://gitlab.com/toby3d/telegram/issues/new)
- [Discuss in Discord](https://discord.gg/dCWkgSS)
- [Join to Telegram-group](https://t.me/joinchat/AkuYY0fYSls8bf6H5ap9Rg)
- [Discuss in Discord](https://discord.gg/dCWkgSS)