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// Package middleware provides methods to analyze and mutate data delivered over
// HTTP.
package middleware
import http ""
type (
// BeforeFunc is an alias of fasthttp.RequestHandler to execute its own
// logic before middleware.
BeforeFunc = http.RequestHandler
// Chain describes the middlewares call chain.
Chain []Interceptor
// Interceptor describes the middleware contract.
Interceptor func(*http.RequestCtx, http.RequestHandler)
// RequestHandler is an alias of fasthttp.RequestHandler for the
// extension.
RequestHandler http.RequestHandler
// Skipper defines a function to skip middleware. Returning true skips
// processing the middleware.
Skipper func(*http.RequestCtx) bool
// DefaultSkipper is the default skipper, which always returns false.
//nolint: gochecknoglobals
var DefaultSkipper Skipper = func(*http.RequestCtx) bool { return false }
// Intercept wraps the RequestHandler in middleware input.
func (count RequestHandler) Intercept(middleware Interceptor) RequestHandler {
return func(ctx *http.RequestCtx) {
middleware(ctx, http.RequestHandler(count))
// RequestHandler wraps the input into the middlewares chain starting from the
// last to first and returns fasthttp.RequestHandler.
func (chain Chain) RequestHandler(handler http.RequestHandler) http.RequestHandler {
current := RequestHandler(handler)
for i := len(chain) - 1; i >= 0; i-- {
m := chain[i]
current = current.Intercept(m)
return http.RequestHandler(current)