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Simple WebMonetization support for Hugo static generated site.



Import module in your site

- path:


And inject monetization partial in your <head> (better in the _default/baseof.html layout):

  {{ partial "monetization" . }}

The template contains logic of meta-tag displaying and preloading of non-blocking script for
blocks manipulation.



Add monetization param in your site configuration for monetize all pages by default:

  monetization: "$"


You can overwrite monetization tag or, if the global parameter is not set, enable monetization
only on specific pages by same param in front matter:

title: My monetized post
monetization: "$"

Use the false value to force disable the current page monetization (if the site is monetized

title: My demonetized post
monetization: false


Just wrap paid front matter content into {{% monetization %}}...{{% /monetization %}} tags:

{{% monetization %}}
## Thanks for your support!
Here is exclusive content for you.
{{% /monetization %}}

All content between these tags will be completely hidden until the successful monetization.

Advanced markup

Use state parameter to customize the display of monetized content more flexibly:

  • Use the named state parameter for readability: {{% monetization state="start" %}}
  • The parameter name can be omitted for short: {{% monetization "start" %}}
  • If no parameter is specified, the "start" state will be used by default: {{% monetization %}}


Use this state to explain what content may be available after activate an add-on or install a
compatible browser. This content will be completely hidden from the moment of monetization
initialization. This event can also be useful for displaying promotional sections until the page
is monetized.

{{% monetization state="stop" %}}
Please, install [Coil]( browser extension or use
[Puma Browser]( to see paid content here. 
{{% /monetization %}}


This state describes the monetization initialization process and attempts to send the first coins.
Use this to describe what happens to visitors with slow connections.

{{% monetization state="progress" %}}
Loading paid content for you...
{{% /monetization %}}


This state is activated as soon as the first coins are successfully sent. This is the standard
state for the monetized block if no parameter was specified.

{{% monetization state="start" %}}
## Thanks for your support!
Here is exclusive content for you.
{{% /monetization %}}