🐛 Allow empty scope parameter in authorization request

Maxim Lebedev 10 months ago
parent 0d8c5c334b
commit a3526eade6
Signed by: toby3d
GPG Key ID: 1F14E25B7C119FC5

@ -52,7 +52,7 @@ type (
// value, the authorization server MUST NOT issue an access
// token for this authorization code. Only the user's profile
// URL may be returned without any scope requested.
Scope domain.Scopes `form:"scope"`
Scope domain.Scopes `form:"scope,omitempty"`
// The URL that the user entered.
Me *domain.Me `form:"me"`
@ -64,7 +64,7 @@ type (
RedirectURI *domain.URL `form:"redirect_uri"`
CodeChallengeMethod domain.CodeChallengeMethod `form:"code_challenge_method"`
ResponseType domain.ResponseType `form:"response_type"`
Scope domain.Scopes `form:"scope[]"`
Scope domain.Scopes `form:"scope[],omitempty"`
Authorize string `form:"authorize"`
CodeChallenge string `form:"code_challenge"`
State string `form:"state"`