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Play it here!

How To Translate

Step 1)

Check to see if it's already been translated to your language!
Go to the main site, look at the left sidebar.

Step 2)

If your language hasn't been done yet, check Github Issues to see if someone's already working on it.
If so: help them!
If not: fork this repo & link to your fork in a new Github Issue,
announcing that you're translating for that language!

Step 3)

Translate words.md, (6000 words) then export it to html
make sure your Markdown app supports footnotes
and copy-paste that into the <article></article> part of index.html.

Translate the <head>, sidebars, & footer of index.html (200 words) Feel free to add yourself in the header/footer credits as a translator! :)

Translate the images in /pics (800 words)
If you don't have image-editing software, ask for help on the Github Issue!
The fonts are Open Sans and Patrick Hand.
(Thanks Asher Barak for creating no-text versions!)

Translate sim/index.html (100 words)

Translate the thumbnail sharing/thumbnail.png

Step 4)

Use Github Pages to put your forked translation live on the interweb (Go to 'Settings' of your repository page and choose your master branch as your source)!

Step 5)

Send a Pull Request editing just <div id="translations"> in index.html
to add a link to your translation from the main page.

Step 6)

Wait for me to get off my lazy butt & accept the Pull Request (within ~72 hours? maybe?)

Step 7)

🎉 Party! Your translation should now be linked to from the main page.
(Remember to close your Github Issue!)