😱 Игровая история о человеке и его тревоге. Вы играете за тревогу https://notdotteam.github.io/anxiety/
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Играть в интерактивную историю!

Public Domain

Nicky Case and Monplaisir hereby dedicate all their work for this game to the public domain, under Creative Commons Zero.
That means: you can remix and reuse any of the original art / code / music in this game for any purpose, even commercial use!

Q: Do I have to give attribution?
A: You're not legally required to, but it's highly appreciated! <3

Q: Legally speaking, can I claim I made this?
A: Yes, the same way you're legally allowed to claim to have written Mary Shelley's Frankenstein, or claim you have 13 nipples.

Q: Can I post this game on other sites?
A: Maybe. Though it's completely legal copyright-wise, many sites have their own policies against posting other people's public domain/open source work without significant modifications. (But if it's your own site, then by all means, please mirror this game!)

Q: Can I sell a port of this game?
A: Yes! But to avoid confusion, I recommend labeling your game as "Fan-Made Port", and link to this statement saying I'm explicitly allowing commercial remixes. (Example: a Steam port of another one of my games!) This is to avoid accusations of theft from folks who weren't aware I always open-source + public-domain my projects.

Q: Can I turn this game into a dating sim between the human and wolf?
A: uh

Полные титры

Арт / Код / Написан Nicky Case

Музыка Monplaisir

Экстра код Spacie

Звуковые эффекты FreeSound.org (Creative Commons)

Звуковые эффекты Kenney.nl (All Creative Commons Zero)

Copyrighted Sounds That I Really Hope Count As Fair Use:

  • The Pokémon theme song is © The Pokémon Company. I used a ~22s instrumental clip for a parody song about Tinder.
  • The "Hadouken!" sound is © Capcom. I used it as parody for the anxiety wolf's Special Attack.

Open Source Libraries

Спасибо моим тестировщикам!

B Cavello, EmilyKate McDonough, Glen Chiacchieri, Mikayla Hutchinson, Monica Srivastava, Rowan, Srini Kadamati

И, конечно, спасибо за щедрую поддержку моих поклонников на Patreon. Люблю вас всех <3